The following is a list of Reed entrepreneurs-in-residence for the Reed Start-Up Weekend:

Michael Richardson, Urban Airship

Michael got his professional start after college by leading technology at a small political consulting firm. From there, he moved on to a startup that focused on open web technologies like OpenID and OAuth.Together with Scott Kveton and Jason Glaspey, he worked to create and launch a business in under 30 days. The business – – sold bacon over the internet and was sold to a larger online retailer. In spring of 2009, Michael, along with Scott Kveton, Adam Lowry and Steven Osborn launched Urban Airship, which provides services for mobile developers and publishers. Urban Airship powered the first application live in the App Store to send push notifications and currently talks to millions of mobile devices every day.

Luke Kanies, PuppetLabs

Luke founded Puppet and Puppet Labs in 2005 out of fear and desperation, with the goal of producing better operations tools and changing how we manage systems. He has been publishing and speaking on his work in system administration since 1997, focusing on development since 2001. He has developed and published multiple simple sysadmin tools and contributed to established products like Cfengine, and has presented on Puppet and other tools around the world, including at OSCON, LISA,, and His work with Puppet has been an important part of DevOps and delivering on the promise of cloud computing.

Noah Pepper, Lucky Sort

Noah is the Founder and CEO of Lucky Sort Inc., an early stage startup based in Portland, OR focusing on the development of new, smart information sifting applications for business users. The company’s core product, TopicWatch, uses machine learning and data visualization techniques to make vast quantitates of textual information easier to digest. Lucky Sort started when he quit his job along with several (Reedie) friends to pursue the goal of building a company and shipping a product all from the ground up.

Adam C. Peter, Vendera Group

Adam is a Sr. Consultant in Strategy & Operations at Deloitte working in technology, telecommunications, and consumer products industries. He received his MBA from Vanderbilt University. Prior to business school, Adam launched a Reedie-powered e-commerce company now entering its seventh year of operation.

Alexis Peterka, Stayhound

Alexis is Co-founder of Stayhound currently resident at Portland Incubator Experiment (PiE). She launched Pitch Club Portland and has been a UI/UX professional since 1996 (WebMD, SnapNames, Xerox).

Katherine Radeka, Whittier Consulting Group

Katherine helps companies get their ideas to market faster.  Her clients include Intel, Hewlett Packard, The Toro Company, Novozymes and over 50 other product development-driven companies. In 2007, she founded the Lean Product & Process Development Exchange, a nonprofit organization to promote the use of lean thinking to improve ROI from product development, with conferences in North America and Europe. In 2012, Productivity Press will publish her first book, The Mastery of Innovation: A Field Guide to Lean Product Development. Katherine has climbed seven of the tallest peaks in the Cascade Mountains and spent ten days alone on the Pacific Crest Trail until an encounter with a bear convinced her that she needed a change in strategic direction.

Adam Riggs

Adam brings exceptional experience in successfully building e-commerce and new media companies. He sits on several boards and is an active angel investor and advisor to founders and entrepreneurs.

Adam served as the first President and CFO of, the largest subscription-based image library in the world, from December 2005 to September 2010. The company has customers in nearly every country and over 17 million images in its library. He guided Shutterstock’s day-to-day operations and international expansion and designed several of Shutterstock’s pricing and payment plans.

Prior to Shutterstock, Adam was a professional proprietary derivatives trader for nine years. Prior to trading, Adam did econometric research at the NERA division of Marsh & McLennan. Adam also currently sits on President Obama’s National Finance Committee and is a National Co-Chair of Technology for Obama.

Steve Swanson, Elemental Technologies

After getting a PhD in mathematics, followed by a few years of teaching, Steve moved on to software. Now, with 20 years experience in the field, he’s seen a lot of different computers, technologies and working environments. He currently works at Elemental Technologies, a Portland startup building video transcoding solutions.

Ben Thompson

Ben is CTO and founder of Drgnfly. Drgnfly’s mobile service helps people lead more enriching, spontaneous lives. Ben spent 12 years as technical director and senior software engineer at Electronic Arts where he developed many acclaimed games including The Sims, SimCity, MySims and Spore.

Alison Wise, Wise Strategies

Alison is the co-chair for Rockies region`s chapter of the Advanced Energy Economy. She lends strategic advice to entrepreneurs and investors in the clean economy. She blogs at the Huffington Post as The Clean Economist and is actively working on clean economic development strategies.

John T. Powers, Digipede Technologies

Mr. Powers is an economist with more than two decades of entrepreneurial experience.  As Digipede Technologies’ President and CEO, Mr. Powers applies his unique vision, insight, and experience as well as his proven ability to guide firms profitably through rapid periods of expansion.  Most recently, he founded Energy Interactive, a pioneering energy information systems and services company that developed some of the first Web-based information services for the electric utility industry.  Mr. Powers holds an M.A. in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley, where he was an ABD in finance.

Bram Wessel, Experience Strategy Consultant, Co-Founder, CTO Metabeam Corp.

Informed by more than 15 years of digital media experience, Bram Wessel believes passionately that technology should enable natural experiences for human beings. The broad theme that emerges from user research is that we care about the quality of our experience, not the user interface itself. We want the technology out of our way.  Bram’s specialties include: User Experience Strategy and Design; Cross-Channel, Service and Ecosystem Strategy and Design; Marketing and Brand Strategy; Creative Direction and Development; Interaction Design; Information Architecture; Usability Engineering; User Research; Emerging Platforms; Industry Analysis; Business Development; Product Development; Social Media Strategy; Mobile UX.


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