Reed Start Up Blog Transitions into Student Hands!

25 Nov

Hello, friends and entrepreneurs! I’m delighted to announce that the Reed Startup blog is now in the hands of a small group of students dedicated to keeping the Start Up Lab energy alive year round. Not content with one short weekend of awesome opportunities, our goal is to create ongoing opportunities to connect with alums and other off campus resources and foster community among entrepreneurial-minded students. In the spirit of CAKE and the various PIEs (such as here and here), our plan for the spring semester is to host bimonthly COOKIEs, Creative Opportunities for Open Kollaboration and Initiating Entrepreneurship, comprised of talks and workshops with alums and local business. A full schedule will be coming soon, including a special field trip over spring break! Our hope is to use this blog to share information and stories about adventures in venture land. We are so excited to see where this goes and hope you’ll stick along for the ride!

Indeed, you, whoever you are, are integral to this project, and we’re very interested in your feedback. What else do you want to see from us? Are there ways in which we can better pool our resources and knowledge? Is there anything you would like to share? An idea you want to workshop? Skills or insights from your industry experience? Or maybe you’re just curious and eager to learn more?

We’re looking forward to hearing about your projects and ideas, so drop us a line! Regular meetings will commence in the spring semester, but in the meantime,  leave your comments here or join the reed-entrepreneurs listserv.

And don’t forget to mark your calendar: the 2013 Start Up Lab commences February 1-3, during Working Weekend. Hope to see you there!


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