Woo-hoo! Reed Start-Up Finalists and Winners!

6 Feb
Thank you to everyone who helped make Reed Start-Up a success this weekend, the students who worked so diligently all weekend, our awesome Alumni Entrepreneur Speakers, the Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Mentors, and our fabulous VC, Angel and Incubator Panel.  And a special shout-out for my partner in crime on this Steve Morris and to Brooke Hunter in the Career Services office for the on campus evangelism. We could not have done it without you.
Stay tuned and in the next several days we will post some photos and student testimonials from the event.  We will also work on the website to make it a destination where Reedie entrepreneurs can keep the experience going with a place to post info on on-campus and off-campus pitch nights,  work/hack days, idea discussion, on-campus start-up team recruitment, a Portland Entrepreneurial Ecosystem resource page, and a board for Reed Alumni Entrepreneurs to post job and internship opportunities,
Weekend Wrap up
We had seven teams total, including:

  • Bio-energetics, a solution for converting waste independent brewery grain into methane to power the breweries;
  • Arthandlr, an online exchange to match art collectors with emerging high artists;
  • Peramod, a modular furniture solution for college students and young mobile urbanites; Ha.Lo, a home automation company starting with smart outlets/plugs;
  • Blue House Coffee, a for-benefit (think Tom’s Shoes) coffee company that invests in the literacy of its coffee growers;
  • Emotitron, a team with a solution for helping autistic kids and adults recognize and interpret emotion real-time using voice recognition technology;
  • Taylor, an innovative, integrated life organizer combing in calendar and task management into a single application to track manage tasks and deliverables in sync with appointments; and,
  • Ha.Lo, home automation starting with the smart outlet/plug.  Take control of the power supply in your home to reduce vampire power loss and increase safety.
(Drum roll) And the winners are:
1st place: Emotitron, a team of two OES  inventors, Matt Fernandez and Akash Krishnan, and 3 Reedies, Finn Terdal, Clemmie Wotherspoon and Gabriel Forsythe Koszeniewicz, with a patent-pending solution for helping people with autism recognize emotion.
2nd place: Ha.Lo, Zach Babb, Michael Zhao, Bryan Kim, and Brent Bailey’s solution for home automation starting with the smart outlet to prevent vampire power loss and improve safety.
The first place team, Emotitron, was awarded $2000, funded by Reed Alumni Entrepreneurs and VCs, to continue working on their project.   Emotitron also won the opportunity to participate in the Portland Seed Fund’s summer session, pending due diligence. Portland Incubator Experiment offered the team workspace as a start-up in residence at PiE.

TIE Oregon Angels offered a $500 second prize which went to Ha.Lo to continue the team’s work on the smart plug.

All the student participants will receive a free 1 year membership in TIE Oregon which gives them access to entrepreneur workspace at TIE’s offices, mentoring from TIE’s angel entrepreneurs and of course the Vance to build relationships with TIE Angels.

This connection of the Reed students to each other and to the broader Portland community was exactly what we hoped would come from Reed Start-Up.  So, thank you everyone for making it happen.  We look forward to Reed Start-Up 2013!


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