Why attend Reed StartUp Lab?

31 Jan

Reed College Career Services explain succinctly  why you should attend the Reed StartUp Lab in this list.

10 reasons to absolutely attend this event:

1. Think of Working Weekend and Reed StartUp as really high quality conferences for which you don’t have to pay.  Just come, listen, and learn.

2. The first part of your networking challenge, identifying your targets is already complete AND you already know that all of the participants want to help you.

3. With 10 panels on Saturday, you can pick and choose which to attend.  Start at one, pop in to another.  Make the day work for you!

4. If you need to get to Funding Circus at some point, NO PROBLEM.  Just step out, go make your presentation and then come back, no harm, no foul.

5. This is a great opportunity to learn how Reedies go from being recent graduates to being successful in incredible careers.

6. You have the opportunity NOW to reserve one on one time with panelists and other highly accomplished attendees.

7. Profoundly provocative panelists & participants await your presence!

8. All your cool friends will be there!

9. If you have an idea that you want to turn in to a business, Reed StartUp is the PERFECT lab in which to test, shape, and vet your idea.  The end result is a presentation in front of venture capitalists.  And a cash prize for the winning team.

10. Concerned about the time involved with the StartUp Lab?  Come on Friday night and join a team.  With your team, you can work out who is doing what when and find a way to manage the time.  Like anything hands on, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.


One Response to “Why attend Reed StartUp Lab?”

  1. Join a College March 1, 2012 at 3:32 am #

    Ola! Reedstartup,
    Cool Post, Many potential entrepreneurs have a hard time deciding whether starting a business part-time or full-time makes the most sense for them. On the one hand, dedicating yourself full-time to a startup seems like it would give your idea the best chance of success. On the other hand, starting out part-time allows you to keep your regular job while testing your business idea. The best option for you depends on a number of factors and the weight you give the advantages and disadvantages of starting out full-time or part-time.
    Keep up the posts!

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