Reed Start-Up Lab @ Vollum Hall

February 1-3, 2013

Did you know that Reed College alumni founded some of Portland’s hottest start-ups? That’s right: Urban AirshipPuppet LabsPHP FogLucky Sort–all founded by Reedies, all building great products, and all winning customer and investor support.

Now you can learn more about entrepreneurship and what it’s like to start a company, better yet, get a chance to work on ideas of your own, or join a team of fellow entrepreneurs at the annual Reed Start-Up, a weekend-long, hands-on workshop being held February 1-3, 2013, during the Reed Working Weekend.

In the Reed Start-Up Lab, we’ll get together and form into teams based on your ideas for a start-up, whether it’s the next great thing in digital, a great new consumer product, a clean energy breakthrough, or a new medical device.  If you can dream it, during Reed Start-Up we’ll help you learn how to move from idea to a pitch–with clear deliverables and team of Reed alumni Entrepreneurs-in-Residence to mentor you throughout the event.

Compelling keynotes from our alumni Entrepreneurs at these hot companies will give you a glimpse of what it’s like to build a company or work for a rapidly growing start-up–both the great stuff and the not so great–so you can learn from their experiences.

The weekend will culminate with practice pitch run on Saturday night with the Reed Entrepreneurs-in-Residence, and a final pitch Sunday at noon to a live panel of Angel, Venture Capital and Incubator investors. You’ll get real feedback and real exposure to the start-up world.  Plus, the team winning the Final Angel, Venture Capital and Incubator Panel will take home $2500 to keep working on their start-up idea. And pending due-diligence, may be part of the first Reed Summer Incubator.  For further details, please use the links at the top of this page.

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